I'm a 3rd generation filmmaker.  Those are my grandparents and me with my dad.

I create beautiful & impactful videos for small businesses, artists & charities around the world!

Please Note:

I don’t simply make videos so you can look hip on social media.    I become part of your marketing team to understand the type of videos you need and craft the right message that will advance your business / charity goals.    

I’m a strategic collaborator to get you a specific result.   That specific result is what we work to uncover during our initial meetings / conference calls.

These are the types of projects I collaborate with my clients to create:

  • Product Videos & Photography

  • Video Business Cards  (do you have one?!  We need to talk.)

  • Real Estate Video Tours

  • Small Business Showcases

  • Music Videos

  • Event Videography + Interviews

  • Art + Installation Videos

SUPER MEDIA LAB has an extended network of hyper talented writers, creators and strategists

 to help increase your visibility, trust, drive traffic and grow your business. 

Humans create connection through emotions.   Video is easily the best way to convey strong clear emotions through images, movement, sounds and color.   A strategically crafted media campaign that tells your unique story is the best way to grow your business and promote your beautiful art.  We’ll set up a consultation meeting to help plan your content strategy moving forward. 

This is our 10 step workflow with every client to ensure maximum results in the least amount of time: